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ISIS is our complete ERP software solution.  ISIS is a true evolutionary product that incorporates unparalleled functionality, new technology, an open systems approach, fully expandable (small business or enterprise editions) and through our integration platform, the ability to connect with other industry proven software products to create your company’s specific vision of a total best-in-class software solution.

ISIS is designed to seamlessly incorporate both retail and wholesale operational needs into one cohesive software offering.  Through our software control switches, users mold ISIS features and functionality to fit their specific requirements.

ISIS includes the following modules, Accounting, Customer Order Processing, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Inter-Store Transfers, Productivity & Profitability, Price Updating.

NexJen offers Add-On Modules for RF based Warehouse Management Software, Multi-dimensional Business Intelligence Tool, Dashboards, Customer Web Portal, Credit Card Processing, Hand-held Scanners, UPS/Fedex Shipping, a Suite of Electronic Cataloging options, e-Commere offerings and Document Management.