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Customer Pricing – Customers can be setup with a base price off a formula, broken down by a manufacture/product line or by a specific part number.  A minimum GP% can be set by manufacturer or company to prevent a sale that is not profitable.  Employees that have security to override a price on a sales order can be required to enter a reason code for why it was changed.

Inventory Importing/Price Updating – Legend maintains a Last Acquired Cost, Landed Cost and Average Cost based on the purchase orders received.  Cost and other price fields can also be imported in from a supplier’s price sheet including the vendor’s part number.  We store multiple price levels (new, current, old) which allows you to work on your new pricing without affecting the current prices your customers see.  Run a pricing analysis report to view the percentage changes between the two values so you don’t have any surprises when you are ready to activate those new prices.

Part Number GP% Analysis Report – This report compares your selling price fields to a cost field.  Setting a specific GP% will determine any part numbers that fall below the target you want to meet.