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Sales Order Processing


Every ERP system is built around the Sales Order program and ours is no different. What makes us stand out from the rest is that our system offers a multitude of switches that can be turned on/off to customize how you do business.  We give you the options and the flexibility to make it work best for you.  Some highlights include quote and backorder fill functionalities, the ability to order parts on the fly from another location or your supplier without leaving your order and notifying management when a Customer with credit issues places an order.

Audit Trail – Sales Order Entry tracks all sales transaction records including price changes, print/email logs and who accessed the order.  All voided/deleted transactions are stored as well.

Email Notifications – Email customers when orders are received, picked, packed, or shipped.  Notifications can be customized as text or html with tags for specific information to the order.

Sales Order Monitor – Users can create custom monitors that will help manage a company’s open sales orders like backorders, online orders or orders that needs to be ready for shipping.  From the monitor you can pull up and review an order with one click!

Service Schedule Calendar – Enter customer appointments for service either through the Shop Calendar or Sales Order Entry.  Customize Check Out information regulated by your state.