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NexJen Systems Inc is a Customer-focused company. We consider ourselves a leader in our industry, providing our clients with the outstanding service they demand and given them a greater return on their investment.
Customer service has always been a critically important tool of our success. We love our customers, and our customers love us!


“We were in the process of a PAINFUL software conversion with another ERP solution when a friend recommended I take a look at NexJen Systems. After a few more sleepless nights of thinking how cumbersome this other system was, I schedule a demo for NexJen’s solution “Legend ERP”. We had an immediate sense this software was everything we needed for our companies and our customer’s future expectations.
We were live 6 weeks after signing. You know you’ve made the right decision when employees call to thank you for a smooth transition and are excited with the system!
In 2020 our aftermarket parts division experienced a 300% growth for online sales. The volume became unmanageable. We integrated NexJen’s eBay and FedEx solutions and immediately freed up 25% of department hours and eliminated human errors.
As much as I love the NexJen products, It’s the team that earns them a score of 10. Each person, whether is sales, support, tech, or programming gives 100%, and this makes them the “can do” team we have been able to grow with. They understand our distribution business and have gained the reputation of our “problem solver”. Always ready to meet and exceed our expectations.

“For companies like mine, the needs of the industry are ever changing. The technology to react to these changes is absolutely critical to our success. We are blessed to have NexJen as a partner to help us navigate and implement these advances. Unlike many in the software field, NexJen takes the time to really understand our business and needs. Solutions are designed and implemented in a truly collaborative method that ensures we stay ahead of our competition. NexJen is the solution for Romaine Electric today and for the future.”

“We have been a partner with NexJen for over 5 years now and would have to say that it been very good for us!
The support that they provide to us is very quick and to our satisfaction. Their staff is very professional, polite, and thorough.
I would highly recommend them to anybody or company that is looking at them as a system provider. “

“Having enjoyed a long tenure with NexJen, it was during our time of crisis that they shined and reaffirmed the great partnership we share.  And…..we certainly appreciate the solid framework of Legend ERP that allows us to do what we do best – sell parts!”

“NexJen’s ability to adapt their order entry module to changing business needs has given us the capacity to streamline personnel while still provide superior customer service.” They helped me cut overhead and keep my customers happy.  The web integration features have allowed us real time instant reporting of credit card, shipping and tracking information. What previously took 5 to 10 minutes per order now takes seconds,  now my people work far more efficiently. Just the honor of working with Cindy Robbins makes purchasing the NexJen system worth it, regardless of the cost

“NexJen has been wonderful to work with.  When we have an issue come up, or are looking for software enhancements, it appears that our voice is heard and our concerns are well received.  Your support team responds very quickly, and problems get resolved in record time.  It’s nice to have a partner like NexJen to work with. Your team (and software) is crucial to running our business, so a great relationship makes it all just that much better.”